Memo Journal

Memo Journal is a journal writing app that allows you to create simple journals and store on Android smartphones. This is a free app you can download and use, it does display ads but you can get rid of the ads by making an in-app purchase.

Use Memo Journal to write journals and diaries wherever you go whenever you want. Add photos, audio or video files to your journals. In-app billing has been added to make the app ad free.

Create tasks, one time or recurring and get notified.

Main Features
– Write and view journals.
– Create simple memo’s for a day.
– Create, schedule and view tasks.
– Task notifications.
– Calendar view.
– Search for journals and tasks.
– Add media files on external SD card.
– Take photo, audio, video and save.
– Auto/Manual Backup and Restore.
– Export journals as text file.
– Email journals and memo’s.
– Finger paint notes.
– Password protection.
– Speech to text.
– Labels on journals and tasks.

Privacy Policy

11 thoughts on “Memo Journal”

  1. I have the Memo Journal app on my new and old phone. I love the app. I saved my old phone because I have things I need for a divorce I am going through. But now my old phone is giving me problems. I have back up files saved but need info on how to open them.

    1. Hello,
      If you have backup files, you can restore by running Restore option and selecting the latest backup file,
      please search on Restore for more details.
      Thank you.

  2. Hi
    I need to backup my memo journal before doing a factory reset on my phone, or before upgrading to a new phone and exporting my journal. My problem is, the backup tool only permits me to save the journal on the internal HD. When trying to do I get an error message of backup failed, most likely due to not enough storage (I am backing up with media). My phone has 1.95G free space. The app doesn’t tell me how much space I need for the backup. Also, I would just like to be able to copy the journal to my computer to back it up or to a cloud drive, without storing internally to avoid this issue. What can be done?

    1. Hello,
      I am very sorry I missed your comment,
      you must first take a Backup in the first place in order to store the backup file to anywhere else, 1.95G is more than enough,
      is Backup still failing for you ?
      Backups are taken in ~ThisJournal/folder, please see what files you have there.
      Thank you.

  3. I need to backup and download all my journals from 1916, but I find a way to do so. I have been using Memo Journal for several years and never had this problem before. I’m using a Samsung S3 android phone. Can you help me, please??!!

      1. I need to email all my journals for 2016 (Jan. – Dec.) so that I can print them. There used to be a place in the program where I could set the parameters for which dates for the journals I wanted to email, but now I can only find a way to email one date at a time. That would mean I would have to send 365 emails to get all of the journals from 2016.
        What am I missing?

  4. How do I know what username and password the memo journal app uses if I simply downloaded it to my cell phone? I don’t ever remember registering or having to log in.

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