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4.2.7 Updates

Added handling Back button while having unsaved journal or memo,
a dialog will pop up asking whether to save or discard the changes.

This used to work before but stopped since I changed some codes, thus this is a bug fix.

Google Calendar integration in 4.2.6

For one time tasks, an option was added to add the task as an Event to Google Calendar. An event is added to the calendar managed by your gmail account. If one is not found, the event is added to the local calendar on the Phone.

Recurring tasks don’t have this option yet, also, any events added to your calendar directly are not sync’d to the app.

4.2.5 Features

Latest release published has the updated content list viewer which shows dates with journals, memo’s and tasks only.

Scroll up or down to scroll the list. The list viewer is launched by selecting the bottom leftmost button.

Latest app updates

Memo Journal and This Journal apps were updated for Lollipop.

Both apps work the same functionwise, This Journal is paid app but works the same as Memo Journal. Memo Journal is a free app with in-app purchase which makes the ads disappear, price is same.

Memo Journal 4.1

We have just published a new version, the major change is the main page view, we have made it a list view that can be scrolled up and down.

When the bottom or top is reached, next or previous day is displayed for each swipe.

We are hoping this is more user friendly to use and browse, the old weekly view is still available under action bar.

The minimum Android version supported is 4.0.