Memo Journal 5.0

This release has some significant changes simplifying the app by removing less used features and have some annoying bugs fixed.

The goal going forward will be to keep simplicity and usability as much as possible while minimizing adding new features unless it is deemed as absolutely needed.

The application install location is now ~MemoJournal, when the app is upgraded, ~ThisJournal will be renamed to this new folder name. Should there be any errors while renaming the folder by the upgrade, the folder can be renamed manually by using any file explorer on the device.

Weekly view has been removed, only the main view which now is a grid view and the monthly calendar view remain.

The sliding tabs that had journal and memo note editors are also gone, this was based on older versions of Android SDK. Also With this version, support for older versions of Android(<5) have been dropped. Users can keep using the current app version until device is upgraded and then upgrade the app.

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