When changing your Smartphone device

If you are upgrading or replacing your phone with a new phone and you have journals data that you want to migrate, please follow these instructions.

On the old phone.
1. Make sure you are running the latest version of the app.
2. Take a new Backup.
3. Copy the entire folder ~MemoJournal(or ~ThisJournal if you are at older version than 5.0) to an external storage device, this can be your computer or another SD card if one is available. Or you can also upload the backup zip file to Google Drive or DropBox.

On the new phone.
1. Install the app from Google Play.
2. If you are using Memo Journal and have made in-app purchase, just visit the Purchase page again in the app and it will automatically flag your app as purchased.
3. Locate ~MemoJournal folder that was just created when you installed the app.
4. Copy the entire ~MemoJournal folder that you saved from the old phone to your new phone to the same location overwriting the content. Or download the backup zip file from your Cloud storage to the new phone and copy BackupZip and unzip.
5. Run Restore using the latest backup file, this is the file that ends with _1.
6. Your journals data should appear as before.

Setting preferences

Select Menu button to bring up the additional menus on the main cover page and select Preferences.
We use Android standard preference setting styles so most of the settings should be fairly easy to understand how to use.

You can change cover page colors, some fonts, font styles and font sizes among others. Calendar view, journal broswer view and journal editor have their own preferences that can be set, select Menu to bring up preferences dialog.

How to backup and restore your journals

Backup takes the entire database file from the internal memory to the application installation folder. Default backup folder is ~/MemoJournal/Backup and ~/MemoJournal/BackupZip(or ~ThisJournal if you are at older version than v5.0) for zip files.

Starting with 4.2.2, Backup was updated to create a .zip with option to include Media folder which contains photos. This is done manually, the auto backup only takes the internal database file.

An option was also added to upload the zip file to Google Drive, you need to have a Gmail account for this.

Restore restores the whole database file, any existing data is removed. Restore requires a device reboot.