Latest Memo Journal Updates

Main ListView has been updated to show all latest entries in one long list in stead of by daily dates.

Number of entries can be set up to 500 in Preferences. Older entries can be viewed in calendar views or by search.

Also bottom menu buttons like Home and Arrows have been removed.

Hopefully this is easier to view the latest entries.

v4.5.3 Updates

There were permission issues for Camera and Calendar for new users using Android 6.

Android 6 changed the permission behavior such that new users have to give permissions at run time, this was added and corrected in this update.

V4.4.0 Updates and Tips

The landing page listview was updated to contain entries for a day only,
hopefully this is more useful and simpler to use,
also the menu buttons on top and bottom were slightly updated to make them consistent across the 3 main views which are:
daily, weekly and monthly calendar views.

While the main views are being made simpler, this will also lead to less errors while navigating through different pages.

Home icon is introduced on the 3 main views at the bottom, this will take you to today, current week or current month,
the jump-to icon at the top will let you select a specific date to jump to quickly, use the home icon to come back to current time.

v4.2.12 Features

We have added an option to export journals and memo’s to a pdf file, this works on Android 4.4(KitKat) and higher only.

Also two forms of text files are create, one simple text file and another in a specific format, this allows journals for import back to the app.